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Jake Something’s departure from Impact Wrestling

Jake Something began wrestling in 2014. He wrestled on a few occasions with Impact in 2017 and 2018. However, he

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort March 8, 2022

WWE RAW Superstar Scores First Televised Pinfall Victory In Nearly Two Years

Chad Gable, RAW Tag Team Champion, pinned Angelo Dawkins during Alpha Academy's victory over The Street Profits last night's RAW.

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort February 8, 2022

WWE Hall of Fame plan calls for live Friday night show

WWE offered us the following list of things to look forward to in the STUPENDOUS weekend in Dallas/Fort Worth's metroplex

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort February 3, 2022
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Brock Lesnar is set to take on Roman Reigns in an epic

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort April 1, 2022

Five Ways WWE Tag Teams Could Be Shaken Up

Previously, the WWE Universe has bemoaned the lack of direction for the

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort August 4, 2022
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ARM Wrestling News: Is Levan Saginashvili in TROUBLE?

I am eagerly looking for a man with greater grip and more strength than Levan Saginashvili and I think I've

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort August 30, 2022

WWE SmackDown Preview For Tonight: Tag Title Unification Match

Tonight's WWE SmackDown is promoting a unification match between AJ Styles and John Cena. This match has been anticipated for

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort May 22, 2022

Alexa Bliss makes her return to Raw and is the final entry in the Elimination Chamber

Her return has been talked about for weeks , and it is now Alexa Bliss is slated to come back

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort February 19, 2022