AEW Ratings

AEW Ratings

Did Blood & Guts Deliver In The Ratings For AEW Dynamite?

"Blood & Guts" took up the whole second hour of "AEW Dynamite." It was ranked first in viewership-- it delivered

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort July 1, 2022

Did The Ratings For AEW Dynamite Live Up To The Hype?

"Blood & Guts" was a major highlight for Tony Khan's wrestling show "Dynamite." The show had over 1 million viewers

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort July 4, 2022

AEW Rampage News: All-Time Viewerships & Ratings

AEW Rampage episode of August 05, 2022, had an average viewership of 468000 viewers in Overall Ratings. over two hours

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort August 15, 2022