King of the table

Devon Larratt defeats Michael Todd at King of the Table

Devon Larratt defeats Michael Todd (Monster) in the world's strongest arm competition and it is regarded as the biggest Arm

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort June 9, 2022

Saginashvili Crushed Larratt, Levan in King of the Table 4 [6-0]

Devon then faced Levan in a super match. Both wrestlers were welcomed to the ring with a roar of support,

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort July 1, 2022

King Of The Table 3 Full Results: Dave Chaffee outclasses Alex Kurdecha to a 5-1 victory

King of The Table 3 King Of The Table 3, the third installment of the top drawer arm wrestling tournament.

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort April 21, 2022